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Enjoy Living in a Safe Environment

Keep your children, your spouse, and yourself protected with our radon testing and well water testing. HomeQuest Consultants lets you know if the air and drinking water around you is safe. Our testing services are available to commercial, residential, and condominium occupants, and can be provided at the time of an inspection

Radon and Smoking

Radon Testing

Since radon is an odorless and colorless gas, it can be extremely hard to detect without proper measuring tools. With our radon testing service, however, you will have an accurate measurement of radon levels in your building. Stay safe with this simple test.

Well Water Testing

If there is a water well on your property, it benefits you to get it inspected. Not only does it protect you from contamination, it also helps you make informed decisions about where you live. Let our team test your water well to determine whether the water is safe for consumption.