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Keeping You Safe and Informed

Know exactly what you are getting when you move into your new home, apartment, or business. With our thorough home inspections, you find out what's intact and what needs to be fixed. We meticulously examine your interiors and exteriors and inform you of everything we find. You can be assured that our Milford, Massachusetts, team will keep you protected.

Residential and Condominiums

When you purchase a new home or condo, it can be exciting to move in. HomeQuest Consultants, Inc. enjoys keeping that excitement going, as well as ensuring your safety. We also care about protecting your home investment. This is why our team provides you with a full-service home inspection and does not cut corners. When we inspect residential areas, we look at everything from your home's electrical set up to its plumbing. We check out your wall framing, doors, windows, kitchens, and other arears. When it comes to condos, we fully inspect the building and property, along with the common areas within the building. We also give detailed feedback, answer any of your questions, and provide additional help if needed.



Commercial Inspection

Keeping your employees and customers safe is an essential key to keeping your business on top. With a full inspection of your commercial property from our team, you won't have to worry about liability issues. Our inspection services include structural, electrical, plumbing and more.

Pest Inspection

Worried about invasive rodents or insects? Before you settle into your new place, our team makes sure that you aren't surprised by critters. Our pest inspection service allows you to know early on about any infestation on your property. We inspect for uninvited creatures such as:

Mice | Ants | Termites | Bats | Flying Squirrels